Why Lift?

Do you ever have those moments in your life when you realize in that moment how cool it is? That happened to me this week.

I was sitting in my gym after a workout talking to woman in her 50s and a 15 year old girl. They were both sharing how strength training has made the more confident throughout so many areas in their life. That they came into the gym to get “healthier” and ended up with so much more than that.  It was a moment that made me just giddy.

I have lifted weights for over half of my life now. For so many years, it was because I was not ok as I am. I needed to be different. For me, it was important to try and achieve that aesthetic of a fitness person.  Some how being super lean and full of muscles would make me worthy, visible, and more loved.

IMG_0254What I have learned through the journey is it doesn’t matter what your body looks like.  What matters is strength training makes you feel strong and feeling strong is bad ass. That strength that you build in the gym from consistent work, from having a plan, from doing things that scare you, from lifting heavy shit simply makes you grow and be better as a person. It radiates out to the rest of your life in ways you don’t even count on like how you show up with others, resiliency through hardships, greater ease in doing day to day tasks and increased confidence overall. Seriously, what areas in your life could not benefit from you knowing you are badass? 🙂

This is of course aside from the general health benefits of strength training.  We want to keep moving well throughout our whole lives. Strength training means more muscle which keeps our metabolism stoked and helps to develop stronger bones that keep us steady and strong. We need the strength to move well. When we are strong and move well, it is powerful combination for living well for a long time.