“Without Fear there is No Bravery”

Recently, as you might be able to tell from reading this blog or the ZB Facebook page, I have been struggling with how to deal with fear. I started a regular meditation practice again, which honestly has been delightful and helpful. I was also looking the other day for a mantra that I might be able to use and focus on when I am feeling an increase in fear.  I googled of course and found some but nothing that really hit me in my heart.

Then on Thanksgiving eve, I am sitting and watching Legends of Tomorrow with my husband. We literally watch every superhero show on TV right now.  One character is talking to another one about being afraid and he says,

“Without fear there is no bravery.”


That was it for me.  It got me in my heart. <3

It will be with me going forward to use as I step forward into whatever life is going to bring my way.  I like the focus that I feel the mantra gives me. The focus is what will keep me stepping forward.

I also appreciate that the feeling of fear is a shared common experience that humans go through. (Which is why the characters on the show were talking about fear and how everyone I have asked about that feeling has some wisdom to impart.)

While that alone for me is worth just sharing. I would be remiss without adding the importance that my husband would place on me getting this from a TV show. He has always used entertainment movies, comics, shows, etc as sources for life lessons. He connects to it in ways I never have. So he will be happy when I tell him all that I picked up from the show last night. 🙂