You will be judged.

On the clothes you wear. On how you behave. On things you think. On what or how much you eat. On the size and shape of your body.

Even if you bend over backwards trying to comply with whatever the society/community/group standard is, someone somewhere will judge you.

You have absolutely zero control over what other people think.

So do what fucking makes you happy. Wear the outfit you want to wear. I hear from people all the time who are afraid to wear a certain shirt, outfit, shorts, bathing suit because of what others might say. Be brave and wear it anyway. I can’t tell you how many times while eating With friends I hear the phrase “don’t judge me”. Relax, savor and enjoy what ever is in front of you. Pick the foods that bring you joy and nourish you. Sometimes that is going to be a beautiful salad, sometimes it’s funnel cake. Love to dance? Do it! Love lifting weights? Awesome. Learn good form from a good coach and don’t worry about being judged in the weight room.

Life is too short to hold yourself back in worrying about others judgments and expectations.

It does take practice being brave. The more you do it and stronger you will be come and the less fucks that will be given towards people who may want to tear you down or whose opinions don’t matter anyway.

Love your life. LIVE your life. Be brave. Be your amazing self. You’ve got this!! 👊🏻❤️